I started collecting frogs more than 40 years ago when my daughter, a small child at the time, gave me one for my birthday. The collection grew slowly but was always with me through a number of moves, including emigrating from the UK to New Zealand.

The collection really began to take-off when I met my present husband who is a collector himself, not of frogs though. David has a collection of over 11,000 miniature bottles see David's Bottles As he says "all collectors are mad."

We photographed all my frogs but did nothing with those photos for over a year. David then decided it would be a good idea to surpise me with a web site for Christmas 2015. Unfortunately almost all the photos had disappeared from our home network! He therefore had to tell me he was building this site so that we could again photograph my frogs.

I find collecting frogs a fun thing to do. This is a large but by no means the largest collection there is. Some larger collections are on the web and can be found from my links page.



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